A change of thought.

A limiting mind is a terrible thing to encourage. It seems so easy to get caught up in what frustrates us and upsets us. But that kind of talk only deepens our emotions and keeps us disconnected from achieving what we really want to do. If you want to move forward you have to be verbally responsible for creating an environment that allows your dreams and confidence to proper. If you want to take positive action, it starts with a choice and ends with your thoughts.

Keep yourself in a positive stream of life. Refuse to indulge yourself in casual conversation about the bad economy, the high cost of living, or anything about what you really do not want to say yes to. Eliminate such thoughts as “I can’t”, “I’m afraid” and “there is not enough” from your consciousness. Talk only about the things you want to see and grow. – Eric Butterworth

What do you want to see grow? What do you want to see exist? If knowing what you do not want seems easier, start there and then reverse what you do not want into what you do want. Make it a habit to speak existence into your dreams by using words that support what you want to be, do and have. Surround yourself with the doers, makers and shakers of the world, even if it is through literature, audio or video. Take small steps to encourage your vocabulary so that you stand and face your negative thoughts.

A lot can happen with a thought. If it be anything, let it be positive.


A Moving Forward Workshop

As I move forward, there are many that aren’t able to afford one on one coaching and I understand this, so I’ve put together a group workshop that tackles an area I visit often with my clients. 

This workshop was inspired by the women that often come into my life as clients and have had troubled moving forward with. There is an occurring theme of frustration, lack of confidence, uncertainty of life and self worth, which is often caused by what we call in coaching a “Gremlin”.

A gremlin is something that lives within us all. It’s that pesky voice that is hidden behind our ears that impairs our judgement, thinking and choices we want to make in life. It’s our inner critic that keeps us from wanting taking positive action, feeling confident and make us give up on the visions and dreams we hold dear to our hearts. It even has the ability to shame us into thinking we don’t deserve something better.

In this Moving Forward Workshop, you will learn coaching skills and techniques to overcome your personal gremlin and win it over. This is an opportunity that will provide you to gain…

-A deeper understanding of who your gremlin is

-A clear understanding of who YOU really are

-Identify the difference

-Learn how to coach yourself to take positive action to move you forward each time.

This workshop is done via phone and also includes one, one on one 30 minute coaching session.

Workshop Date

Monday August 11th from 7pm – 8:30pm

Click to attend to purchase and reserve your spot, 4-6 persons per group to insure each person is guided forward and no dream gets left behind.

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Feel Good Now

When you take inventory of what you want in your life, do your wishes or prayer ever include asking for more strength, more motivation, more focus, patience, determination, energy, time.. The list can go on, I know. When asking, exploring, wishing or praying we often overlook and ask for things that already exist within. If we don’t claim what exist, how can expect our inventory of what we do have, to work?




In my journey of forward movement, I have my moments of feeling uninspired, tired and simply unmotivated to take action in the areas of my life I want to see grow. But instead of asking for more or being down about what I AM not doing ( which is negative energy), I instead choose to acknowledge and admire what I do know already exist. It’s a nice little but powerful exercise. Because everything we do, say or feel is all energy and if we want our energy to be in a powerful place, we have to stay an reconnect ourselves to that which is powerful.

But like any exercise, in order to get results, you have to do it more than once. You don’t need a membership, you don’t need to buy any fancy or expensive equipment. The best part about this is, you can take it anywhere you want to go. You just need the will to want to move forward and feel good. Anytime you notice your thoughts moving in a negative direction, begin taking inventory of what makes you, you. All the good, great and powerful goodness that exist. Recall any moment in time, if it happened once, it’s still worth illuminating. Doing this as a journal exercise also works wonders, keep adding to the list at any time to reference and enjoy. Don’t hold on to any expectations of where you want this to go. The purpose of it is to elevate your energy by just allow yourself to enjoy and appreciate your powerful self. Feeling good is a choice.

Sincerely Your Dream Pusher Raeven Western

Three things you can do to help you believe!

To move forward confidently in life, you have to believe! It’s important that you not only believe in your dreams, but also yourself. As each day goes by, our thoughts direct the course of choices  we make or don’t make on creating and living up to what truly makes our hearts happy. When we are clear about what we want, our choices easily become just as clear. But what often happens in the beauty of dreaming and knowing what your “should” be doing? People don’t take action. If it doesn’t serve you, it doesn’t deserve you.

The magic of believing


There are many reasons why people don’t take action in moving forward.

– Because they don’t believe it’s possible.

– They don’t have the confidence or trust in themselves to see it through

– The fear of not knowing what will happen next.

– Stepping out their comfort zone is not easy.

– They focus more on the cant’s vs cans.

– Negative self talk

– They don’t see the value in pursuing their dreams or rather their right to happiness.

While the list can continue and it’s often is different for everyone, there is something you can do if you feel your belief is being challenged. Here are three things you can do right now to change the way you dream and step into the magic of believing.

– Make a list of pro’s and cons of moving forward and pin it somewhere to review every day to help influence your choices.

– Take small, reasonable steps that can move you forward like journaling and getting whats in your mind out and what in your heart clear.

– Know that you have the power to change your thoughts at anytime! If a thought doesn’t serve you, create a thought that will.

– Feed your belief with affirmations that encourage your best and repeat them daily!!!

In a world where anything is possible, don’t let excuses get in the way of your happiness! I believe happiness is something we practice and we practice daily so that it becomes not only a choice and a beautiful responsibility, but also a habit! If we only get one life to live, living it to the fullest, shouldn’t be an option, but a way of life. Happy Believing!

Your Dream Pusher,

Raeven Western

What To Do When Life Seems To Stop Moving

If there is one thing about life that we know, it’s that life is unpredictable. Sometimes we have moments in life where everything is great and moving forward and then we have moments in life when everything just seems as if it’s come to a complete stop. Where has the the zest for life gone? What happened to the motivation and energy to take action?

Your life

Has life really changed? Or have we’ve become so accustom to living in a world where we only know how to deal with the good? It’s easy to feel motivated and full of energy when everything is going your way. But what happens when it appears to stop? Do you let yourself get distracted by what is not visible and blame the world for what you have or do not have? Or do you tap into your truth of what you know is possible and use that time to be proactive and really live life to the fullest?

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We mustn’t forget to add heart.

As we passionately move forward in life with a dream, wish, goal or idea it can become normal to separate the from the heart and work completely from the mind. At that point when that happens, we become all work, complete focus and no enjoyment is looked for in temporary happiness. While we need that to help us move forward and there is nothing more exciting than to take action, we also mustn’t forget to do from the heart.


Keeping the dream alive and connected to the heart allows us to trust in what we cannot see and have the necessary faith to move mountains with confidence and strength. But what also happens when we live from the heart? We get to enjoy the journey, love the process and be passionate through it all! When we don’t? We become so focused on the numbers, results or the outcome that stress, fear and doubt set it and we begin to move and take action from there.

Today is just a little reminder to us all that the heart is more powerful than the mind, what we feel, where our core energy is, is where our most powerful self is. I hope today and everyday you move forward with love and all heart!

Yours Truly, Your Dream Pusher

Raeven Western

31 Days Of Pushy Affirmations! #AffirmationChallenge

To begin a year differently, one must think and believe in life and themselves differently. The use of affirmations offer us a conscious option to do that. When we purposely speak of ourselves and our future in ways that empower our choices, we have the ability to empower our futures.

Happy Pushy Dreamer New Year

Affirmations are not just words we use to feel better for the moment, they are words to heighten our awareness to speak a language of truth, beauty and success. It is an opportunity to direct our focus toward what we want vs what we don’t want or complain about not having. When we focus on what we want, our energy shifts, we we have the ability to open our mindset and choices that move us forward. When we focus on what we don’t want, our energy lowers and we stay stuck in our circumstance. Where do you want your thoughts to take you?

Last year I encouraged others to join me in using affirmations each day during the month of January to help direct our New Year in the right direction. With much success and outcomes, I’m continuing to stick with what works, won’t you join me?


To join the challenge, Tweet, instagram or facebook using the hashtag #PushyDreamers #31dayAffirmationChallenge and share your new affirmation to focus on each day. Each day visit the hashtag to check out other Pushy Dreamers and be inspired, motivated and encourage to keep on pushing forward.

Not so into sharing, that’s ok, print out and keep your affirmations in one place to have handy and somewhere where you can view often and daily with this printable PDF  31daysofPushyDreamersAffirmations


Use your personal affirmation to challenge yourself throughout the day when you feel your focus or energy wandering. The goal is to speak life into your dreams and your days so that you are encouraged to move forward and onward.

I’m excited to see what possibilities can be create and will be reading your affirmations daily! Here’s to making this New Year something worth talking about!

Sincerely your Dream Pusher,

Raeven Western

We are what we put our minds to.

Yesterday I was told that if we can change the perception of pain, we can change the way it affects us. So if that is true, then it goes for pretty much every other emotion or feelings that exist? Right? Absolutely!

Your Thoughts, Your Results The majority of the time our actions are a result of how we feel and what we think. We either want to or don’t want to do something based on how we feel and the thoughts that circle us in that moment. Those that can rise above a negative situation are ones that choose to change their perception of life despite the circumstances that are present.

3 ways to change your perception and your attitude.

Become mindful and aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Remember your thoughts trigger your emotions which trigger your actions.

Negative thoughts are often like quick sand. Once started, you can easily lose control of yourself and before you know you are sinking and can’t get out. Before your next thought or step, redirect your path and focus on what is good, what is working and what you want. Part of our negative thoughts are consumed by what we don’t have, switch it or sink!

If you are having a challenging time encouraging your good and healthy thoughts, start listening to someone else’s. Not just anyone’s opinion, but open yourself up to self help and motivational audios, books and podcast that will open your awareness, mind and attitude.

As you move forward, so does your worth and happiness.

SIncerely Your Dream Pusher

Raeven Western


Why, aren’t you amazing… Why yes, yes I AM!

Just a little reminder to tell you how amazing you are! Often times in life we move forward not acknowledging what makes us shine and what makes us glitter! So if you haven’t already, please take this time now to tell yourself now. “I AM AMAZING”


It becomes easy to focus  and get caught up on what doesn’t exist in our life and the potential we aren’t living up to as we go about our day. While that might be normal, it sure doesn’t make it right.

It’s important that we take time out daily to love and nurture the good, the great and the beautiful that lies within us all. When we do so, we bring value and strength into who we are as a person and the choices we make, we rarely regret.

Doing small things that have impeccable value will help remind you of what makes you and this life amazing. Here are a few ideas, but I’m sure you can add to the list and create something that works for you!

– Reflect on the good that exist in your life.

– Make mental notes of what you are grateful for.

– Share your light with others. When was the last time you told someone else how amazing they have been in your life and you just wanted to say thank you.

– Write down a list of affirmations that point to why you are amazing and tape it to your mirror.

However you choose to do, just make sure you do it. Purpose driven action is what motivates the brilliance in us all!

Your Dream Pusher, Raeven Western

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Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”
― Anthony Robbins

pushy dreamers


When pursuing any goals and dreams being consistent is more than important, it’s the key! Often times it can become so easy to give up, feel unmotivated or fall into a trap of unhelpful habits that bring our goals to a complete stop.

But consistency to me says, despite how I feel or what I think, I’m sticking to the script of getting what I want. Because at the end of the day it feels much better to sit with your accomplishments than to sit with your regrets.

As this fanciful new year approaches us, be open to setting a goal of being consistent to the work that will get you the results you desire. Be consistent in doing inner works it takes to motivate you, stay focus and get your mindset on building success.

To often, hyped by the energy and the enthusiasm that comes with the new year, I often see people lose their motivation and their drive by end of January to February. So determined and excited (which is great) to reach the goal, it is the little things that are not realized that are lacked.

So this new year I encourage you to be clear, heck make a list about what actions motivates you and be consistent in doing that work DAILY so that you don’t fall off your goal to succeed. There is still time to end this year off in a better space than you are now and a wonderful way to enter new year to come. There is nothing better than getting a head start on moving your life forward.

Here’s to building your success!

Sincerely your Dream Pusher, Raeven Western